why i love october

i love watching seasons change. putting away your bikini as sweaters and cardigans make their way back into your wardrobe rotation. football gets interesting as espn likes to put it “separates the contenders from the pretenders.” laker preseason started last night… it was soo good to see my boys play. shannon brown dunk was cute. although warriors had a young team with fresh legs it was easy to see the difference in experience. i really want to go to the game at the forum since i never got the chance to watch a laker game before the move to staples but its on friday i’ll be en route to sin city.

it’s also filipino-american heritage month. with support pouring from countless fil-am organizations for typhoon ondoy victims, there were soo many events/fundraisers/donation collection/tshirts. i loved seeing support from celebrities and all around the internet. i kinda wish there was a large scale event but that would be kinda hard since filipinos aren’t concentrated in one area. from a fil-am standpoint, i hope this brings to boil a lot of the community issues that have been lulled over the past decade. it would be nice to see filipinos really making a change whether in the states or back home.


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