Filipinos are romantic

kundiman refers to the Filipino love ballad. the tradition dates back to the late 1800s and was a way for filipinos to express a deep devotion, whether it be to one’s country or one’s beloved.

the epitome of the classic kundiman standard, “dahil sa’yo.” i remember my piano teacher teaching me this song and when i would practice at home my grandma would sing along. couldn’t find on youtube the big band-esque version but this bossa nova version sounds good too.

if you get past the outdated music video, it’s an homage to a specific kind of kundiman, harana. harana refers to the tradition of a man serenading a woman underneath her window. it’s a kundiman style that is best complemented with a guitar. wish i can translate but i’m bad at tagalog. it would sound cheesy in english anyways.

thinking of courting/wooing a filipina? pick up a guitar and work those vocal chords! 🙂


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