“There’s a little Imelda in all of us.”

That’s from a poster somewhere. This of course is reference to Former Philippines First Lady Imelda Romauldez Marcos’ extensive shoe collection. Today in my Fil-Am class we watched the 2003 documentary, “Imelda.” What a character. She and husband Ferdinand Marcos swindled over a billion dollars. I’ve seen portions of this documentary before with my parents and the woman is crazy delusional. Although, I’m a big fan of accentuated shoulders so I went gaga over the ternos.

Marcos in the infamous terno. Gotta admit tho, she's very beautiful. Also called a Filipiniana

It’s such an irony that although the Philippines is a fairly patriarchal society, they also tend to lionize (lioness-ize?) maternal figures. So the matriarch archetype is often repeated…

The woman is seriously disillusioned about her impact in society. She wanted to fix the Philippines by making it less cosmetically -challenged, completely disregarding the simple fact that change must be made with the progression of her fellow countrymen both economically and socially.

from "Imelda"... lovin that compact=

I was watching TFC one day with my mama and they were having this fundraiser for the victims of the typhoon. Celebrities donated their designer bags, accessories, and other various items, which people could then purchase online and the proceeds would benefit those victims. Philanthropic? Maybe in theory, but it kind of gives in to the materialistic mentality to appease extreme poverty, which Marcos generously bequeath to the Filipino people in the name of “beauty, love, and God.”

Imelda remains iconic
imelda remains iconic. have filipinos already forgotten???

I definitely have mixed feelings about her.  She’s narcissistic, beauty-obsessed, and severely disillusioned and no Princess Di.. but it was wildly entertaining to see her theories outlined in sharpie on a notepad.


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