Jose Rizal: National Hero?

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For my Fil-Am Experience class, we had a group project where we were assigned a specific time period and we had to make a blog. Of course, I love blogging so I was super excited that my professor decided to go this route (I actually first heard about her through a blog) because the internet is the biggest disseminator of information and with Filipinos being the quintessential global citizen it makes perfect sense.

I realize that the post portrays Rizal in his best light as in what’s mostly written about him. Can’t forget that he favored continuing a partnership with the Spanish even though he ironically inspired the Philippine Revolution, which ceased Spanish colonization. His legacy was no doubt encouraged by the US, who subsequently colonized the Philippines after the Spanish.

Anywho, read the blog, learn a thing or two, and feedback is always welcomed. =)

The Katipunan


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