Exactly, three weeks ago my pups, Buddy, went missing. Don’t know if he was stolen or he ran away, but me and the bf were super heartbroken. We put up flyers on all the poles and in our neighbors mailboxes (with the help of the homies… thanks guys!!!), went to the shelter every day, had tons of false alarms, and was ready to give up the search (but not hope).

Then the bf got a call from this woman that said she found our dog. We thought she was bullshitting since there’s been many calls saying that they found Buddy when it really wasn’t so of course he was sketchy. Then she showed him a picture and it was him. Turns out the family that lived behind her took Buddy in. When he went there to get Buddy, they almost didn’t give him back. The woman was like fuck that you’re stealing and they eventually gave it back to him. Wtf? That’s some shady ass business but I don’t really give a fuck now cause I got my pups back!!!

Look how big he got in 3 weeks!!!

Buddy and Jono’s fam’s new pup, Gahmja (it means potato in Korean heehee) SPOONING…. isn’t this the cutest pic ever?! gahhhhhh



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