travel: amsterdam

wooden tulips

so after paris i took the train out to amsterdam. this was my solo trip… which was nothing short of amazing. pictures after the jump.

as i was looking for the post office, i found this vinyl spot waxwell. met leon and we chopped it up about music. after some diggin and ciggin he told me about this show at oosterpark and the clipse were headlining. so i dropped all my touristy plans and headed over to the park.

people thought i was indonesian! when they found out i was a filipino-american, they were even more intrigued. hung out with a some good folks that shielded me from the crazy crowd. their style is really similar to out here with a lot of street influences and fitted clothes. i saw a lot of girls rockin the baggy jeans, kicks, and a tight t-shirt (similar to granada)! i’ve been on a search for the perfect pair of baggy jeans. yes, i’m not ashamed to say that i used to wear baggy pants and im just waiting for skinny jeans to pass hehe

whiskey bar!!! i don’t drink whiskey. but a friend schooled me on whiskey and he’s certified from the jameson distillery so its nice to enjoy with a connoisseur. i definitely could breathe better after sippin on some scotch-ity scotch.

red light district. as you go down the street the girls get fatter and uglier.

im in love with this green bike. dutch bikes in general. and the canals. and amsterdam.

stopped by the dampkring. ocean’s 12 was filmed here!

i ❤ biking too 🙂 btw, xxx = flag of amsterdam.

i left a day early so that i can go back to paris for one more day and hang out with some friends. traveling alone was an interesting experience. i went from spending a month in spain with 80 other people, to paris with my really good friend from uci, to being in the nl by myself. i was able to appreciate doing all the things that i wanted to do and on my own time. simply amazing! ahh now i’m just waiting for my next trip!


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