travel: hoNEIGHmooning in montreal

this post has been stuck in draft limbo. oops. this trip happened in the beginning of july. being the patriotic americans that we are, me and my neighsbro set off to canada for july 4th hah.

why montreal? that’s the number one question we got from both our friends and the people we met in montreal lol. even though it’s not a hotbed for tourists, it was probably one of my favorite trips. live music, architecture, bike-friendly streets, the FOOOD, and the european feel of the city. my favorite thing about montreal is the PEOPLE! met so many chill folks.

they don’t really play rap in bars doe.

it’s grimy, politically charged, diverse, eccentric… a very unique city.  air canada overbooked my return flight which means $200 voucher and comin back fo dat ass! (ok, maybe toronto instead heh)


montreal central hostel

fitz & follwell bike tour

kalmunity live improv lyricists, poets, singers, and musicians

o’thym the food is top notch.. oh and its BYOB

piknik electronik  if the do-over and soulnic had a baby this would be it and its BYOB.


life: i’m a fatty

i’m one of those people that take picture of their food… so whaaa? it’s for times like these when i can look back and salivate… mmm

life: disneyland

went to disneyland on christmas eve. in ’09 disneyland let people go for free on their birthdays. because me and j had annual passes, they gave us a birthday card = to the price of a regular admission ticket. so we went on christmas eve [we wanted to go on a date that was blacked out for most people].

travel: one night in santa barbara

me and my entanik niy-niy went up to sb to hang out with pepito bismol cono baby sabor diablo y triste aka armando. ahh i felt like i was in granada all over again esp with the spanish architectural elements everywhere and the endless drinking hahaha. we need a el pulpo reunion soon!

travel: sf day trip (2010)

Jet Blue had a deal back in october where it was $10 each way. It came out to be $40 total roundtrip. STEAL! So I stayed there for one night. Spent QT with my sista. The next day I finally got to play tourist (something I always wanted to do, but always end up kickin it with family) with high school friends.