music: filipinos do bossa nova

every time i hear bossa nova, i wanna fall in love. elis regina is a goddess but sofia really does aguas de marco justice.


music: filipino disco

i know everyone says disco is cheesy, but i looove it so much. i’m pretty sure all our dads looked like this in the late 70s-early 80s. i grew up swing/ballroom/cha cha/line dancing at filipino parties so it really reminds me of my childhood.

munchies: house of sisig

Sitaw kalibasa, sinigang, pork sisig, beef steak, & chicharon manok (tech chicken skin)… Its like thanksgiving all over again. garlic mussels not pictured. funny thing was we originally ordered 10 cups of garlic fried rice! we probably would have all eaten it all but we remembered the meal itself is indulgent.

miss universe: “but she’s so dark”

that’s the typical sentiment i hear every time the topic of miss philippines comes up. yeah i’m super late with this but miss universe definitely opened up the dialogue for mestiza stardom (coined by my film prof. bliss lim) in the philippines and their obsession with light skin. for the record,  i’m proud to be a morena because it’s what i was born with so it makes me incredibly happy to see someone who is brown like me in a beauty pageant representing the philippines. maybe my mom will stop buying me whitening soap now (prolly not). this woman went from a hut in a rice field to the miss universe pageant. so inspiring!

food: sunday meal

lauya taken with my bb

there’s a soup dish that my family calls sunday meal. if you’re familiar with filipino food it is known as nilaga/bulalo (tagalog) or lauya (ilocano). it’s soup with beef shanks and a bunch of vegetables.

the best part is the bone marrow in the middle of the beef shanks that is looks like shit, loaded with cholesterol (what filipino dish isn’t? =x), tastes just like meat-flavored butter. me and my parents fight over this! SOO BOMB!

bone marrow that looks like poop taken with my bb

back to my original point, the reason why my fam calls it sunday meal is because according to my dad (don’t know how much of a reliable source he is hehe), back home in the philippines they could only kill one cow/buy meat once per week. so on sunday presumably after church thats what they would eat and thats how it became known as sunday meal. i’ve been calling it this all my life and didn’t hear the story til recently.

it’s weird how food has re-entered (has it ever left?) popular culture nowadays. with the saturation of food shows, food trucks, food festivals, food is always reinventing new ways to being an intersecting point of nourishment, culture, and family. oh, how i love food!