outsidelands: to go or not to go?

my name is kristine and i’m addicted to music festivals. i’m seriously debating if i should cop a ticket. seeing stevie wonder is the major reason why i want to go. plus i get to visit my sissy in the bay. i also like how you can walk around beer (ahem coachella). i don’t know if i can afford it especially with a big trip coming up in two weeks, rock the bells, new york again in august, and all the little shows in between…


live: back to basics festival in santa ana

such a dope lineup. visionaries, people under the stairs, zion i, evidence, fashawn, blu, chali 2na, planet asia, strong arm steady, ugly duckling, and rebel to the grain. it’s too bad i only saw the last couple of headliners because i came late. it was hot as a mutha… i can’t see why the observatory couldn’t turn on their A/C. it sucks because towards the end during visionaries you can tell the crowd was runnin on fumes. despite the conditions, i’m still grateful to finally see the visionaries live and to see all these dope crews grace the same stage.

hoarding: thrift finds

my latest picks. the lighting in my room is sooo bad.


old looking world map on wood. with latin text and pictures of old men. i’ve been on the hunt for some nice looking globes but i can never find one in good condition.


europa on wood


cute bowl. i made mina watch over my cart while i was in the dressing room because ppl are vultures and this lady almost stole this from me.


its a sign… and i also need a manicure badly.

cant stop buying vinyl covers…

j’adore: sofia coppola

how could you not love sofia coppola? she exudes a whimsical yet refined femininity that translates beautifully in her work. i’ve been a fan ever since virgin suicides. from the lv handbag to dior commercials to her new film Somewhere, her work has yet to leave my consciousness. plus she’s with the lead singer of phoenix.

Interview with Andrew Freund

what’s not to love about this commercial.