life: just another weekend in LA

Another fun weekend in this amazing city.

Headed to LACMA for Murs, Eligh, and Grouch. The performance kicked off the Through the Mic concert series, which spotlights LA-based hip hop artists. Got a free temporary membership for the summer and finally got to check out Metropolis II during their after hours viewing.

Lee Fields and the Expressions! I never thought I would ever see him live and he did not disappoint. Cody Chesnutt was amazing live too, but I only caught the latter part of his set because of the Laker game.

Doin the do with my boos! Love the renovations at Lure (formerly Cabana Club) although I did miss the shade of the white tent cuz it was hot as a mutha.


smog to fog: i left my _____ in san francisco

its been so long. been super busy but was fortunate to add another chapter in the smog to fog chronicles. ive seen:

1. more people barefoot than in shoes.

2. concert theatrics taken to another level (or really ive been missing out).

3. bad knife throwing

in other words, LOVED my trip out there. spendin time with all my folks out there was what i needed.

the bridge
pew pew


not sure how sustainable confetti is 😛
my weekend