music: top 3 favorite tracks with sleigh bell samples

not so festive sleigh bells

i love me a funky bassline and some horns, but hearing sleigh bells on a track adds a delicate richness that IMO complements a strong lyricist nicely.

1. nas- halftime (prod. by large pro)

2. pete rock & cl smooth – one in a million (prod. by pete rock)

3. presto ft. blu – pour another glass (prod. by presto)

i’m missing something huh? this is all i can think of hah


pete rock and cl smooth at grandstar LA

photos by: REGAL*D

it’s moments like these that are surreal for every music listener. i had the main ingredient on cassette. when you’re a kid you never think that you’ll meet the hip hop greats you grew up listening to. for me pete rock carved a new appreciation for jazz sounds (used to be obsessed with classic jazz when i was lil ahaha) and petestrumentals was my study/driving music of choice all throughout high school and college.