travel: hoNEIGHmooning in montreal

this post has been stuck in draft limbo. oops. this trip happened in the beginning of july. being the patriotic americans that we are, me and my neighsbro set off to canada for july 4th hah.

why montreal? that’s the number one question we got from both our friends and the people we met in montreal lol. even though it’s not a hotbed for tourists, it was probably one of my favorite trips. live music, architecture, bike-friendly streets, the FOOOD, and the european feel of the city. my favorite thing about montreal is the PEOPLE! met so many chill folks.

they don’t really play rap in bars doe.

it’s grimy, politically charged, diverse, eccentric… a very unique city.  air canada overbooked my return flight which means $200 voucher and comin back fo dat ass! (ok, maybe toronto instead heh)


montreal central hostel

fitz & follwell bike tour

kalmunity live improv lyricists, poets, singers, and musicians

o’thym the food is top notch.. oh and its BYOB

piknik electronik  if the do-over and soulnic had a baby this would be it and its BYOB.


smog to fog: i left my _____ in san francisco

its been so long. been super busy but was fortunate to add another chapter in the smog to fog chronicles. ive seen:

1. more people barefoot than in shoes.

2. concert theatrics taken to another level (or really ive been missing out).

3. bad knife throwing

in other words, LOVED my trip out there. spendin time with all my folks out there was what i needed.

the bridge
pew pew


not sure how sustainable confetti is 😛
my weekend

blackberry randoms

last of my travels….sigh.

music: songs that remind me of my summer in espana

literally heard this song at EVERY club we went to in spain. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  i love this song. it reminds me of el pulpo/entanik and especially my good friend armando bc we would go ape shit when this song would come on hehehe.

another club staple. i love this song! lots of good memories

being in spain during their first world cup win was the best experience ever. every game we would watch it in this big white tent with hundreds of other spaniards. love this song bc i actually had a flag. cant describe how amazing this was.

this post wouldn’t be complete without the official song of the world cup. this song was my background music for my whole month there. ahhh the beautiful game…